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Apr. 16th, 2008


Random pics

Thought of posting some random photos in no chronological and lexicographical order ...

Went to KL last year Dec - first time taking KL monorail and it was not tat bad afterall though it keeps shaking! Haha.

Ryan and I - in the monorail

Met Ray in KL ...

The stupid Eye On Malaysia :P It was the last day of operation and the queue was damn long! Dunno somehow we managed to cut queue and waited 'patiently' for 1 hour+ for less than a 15mins ride.
aiya - it just another ferris wheel ....bigger version only :P

Jay Chou's concert on 19th Jan. Not a big fan but tickets sponsored by company =D Surprisingly entertaining!

28th Jan - Chocolate pie i had in Bangkok. Very very very very nice on first bite ...then tasted very very very very very sweet on 2nd bite and the 3rd, 4th ...

true - the flagship store in Siam Paragon. First telco with own version of  'true' coffee beans (of coz' they serve coffee not only the beans), surfing the net & watching 'true' channels in their cafeteria. So COOL!

Me at Fitness First while waiting for friend finishing his shower ...*slow*


Wet market back in Ipoh - during Chinese New Year 2008. The market never changed at all.....

Colleague Angie celebrated her daughter 1st Birthday 2 weeks ago. This baby loves Yellow a.k.a. Big Bird. Whenever she sees Big Bird, u can see the laughter on her face. Aww...

Sesame Street was the theme (obviously haha).
1) Big Bird was the main character (again ...so obvious)
2) Big Bird cake was the main cake (though size smaller than the pink one)
3) Big Bird song was being played (no shuffle - continuous PLAYED throughout)

U must be thinking where's the birthday girl? Forgotten to take la haha coz' busy focusing the BIRD!

Richard and I - erm, a photo taken in the train heading to City Hall before dinnerz & drinkz & clubz. It was his birthday and as usual I do not have the remaining photos with me now - it's with someone that will take million years to upload (according to a reliable source haha).
God knows when can i post the rest of photos. :P

Photo taken in office yesterday (looks like i got bit tummy leh)

Evelyn and I. Finally she's working in town now. She has been stuck in Woodlands and Paris Ris for ages!!! Waiting for her to reach town was a torture :P

Apr. 14th, 2008


Wonderful weekend

Started off the weekend - spending time with few good friends on Friday evening, had dinner at City Hall. While waiting for the arrival of 3 beautiful girls (haha no pics here), i went in friend's optical shop and purchased a new specs in 30 mins. Longed for a new specs since mine bit spoilt liaoz. Ok - there goes $400 though with staff purchase benefits.

Yah, why among all it's Oakley, right? Well, safe - black/matt, nice - square and durable - anti-slip and half rubbery side. Most important thing is it looks good on me hahahha

Rushed off for a movie Escape From Huang Shi after dinner. Typical movie about Japanese occupation in China, however based on true  events about a young British journalist leading a group orphans to safety. You read it correctly - story on this British journalist and why Chow Yun-Fatt being featured as main actor in this stills? Argh. Nvm. He more senior and old, put him loh :P
Great movie and worth watching! Fabulous visual and great language used.


Apr. 3rd, 2008


My busy Quarter1 2008

Dear blog, I’m so sorry tat I’ve ignored you for the past 3 mths and it’s time to catch up again. How have I been for the past quarter? Well new year should be very busy with work and life (after set certain targets and goals haha).

Basically ‘warming up’ myself in January for the year. Trying to be more serious and commit to my work (at least I’m still trying :P). Boss feedback for ’07 was lack of drive and passion in work. Haiz. Wat kind of drive and passion I need to put in? There are too many things for me to do and every single project also important. Well, trying to stay positive (erm…I am positive all these while haha).

End of the month went to Bangkok for a summit. It was a great trip! Great hotel (Shangri-La), great food and the most important thing was I still have time to walk around shopping and went to Fitness First to try out BodyStep (haha in Thai language).

Feb – went home (Ipoh) for Chinese New Year. So fast CNY again …Went back for 6 days but it passed by so fast! Every night met different group of friends, primary school friends, secondary school friends, form 6 school friends, St. John’s friends, some outside friends blah blah. It was the best catch up ever coz’ those that I tot would never come back from overseas, came back. Also, friends that did not see for years have changed (for good). Realised that graduated 6 years ago since f6, and now friends are doctor, successful auditors/accountant in big firm, engineer in top company etc etc, some getting married, some already MARRIED! Looking at myself, heh, not too bad hor? Haha.

Sorry pending CNY pics, in the meantime view these first la haha

Gathering @ Eddie's place.
CNY Dinner @ Imperial Herbal

Another round of budget CNY dinner with Jeffrrey, James and Angie (my BodyStep shi fu haha) at erm ...somewhere ..famous for crabs :P

Yah, as promised myself to take BodyStep course this year, I flew to Indonesia for it! Why Indo? Coz’ SG and Msia didn’t have it till ………(no idea)… and I was thinking it wasn’t that bad going to Indo, since I never been there and I dun think I’ll find time ever for a leisure trip at Jakarta :P

Anyway, the 2 day-course was very tiring coz’ basically stepping from morning 9am till 6pm. My feet swollen ...really swollen coz’ my exam track was speed step and I have to be on toes all the time while doing the track *ouch*. Passed the course and started shadowing some instructors in Fitness First. Starting my team teaching next week @ ORQ.

Mar – this month was a real busy month. Besides learning the new BodyStep 71, have to learn some past releases as well. Can be exciting but time consuming loh. Well, give and take =)

Been sticking to this group of friends almost every weekend. Quite the ‘same key’ and easy going. Aiya, the old saying again ‘True friends are hard to find, once you found cherish it’. But it’s really true coz’ I appreciate friends more than anything else.

I am very busy. But at the same time I feel tat my current activities are not enuff for me. I wanted to take more courses? dance-hip-hop? language? MBA?  Go sentosa every weekend for vball? I love vball but no kakis since graduated la. Last time in hall still got few souls playing with me middle of the night. Now I have to re-find new friends. I cannot let go this interest of mine! Haha sounds so determined :P  Dragonboating? Kayaking? Interesting sports but I’m not a good swimmer. I very very very very scare drown.

I feel tat I’m still oung and have the energy to do things and I shouldn’t waste it. Maximize it! More ideas?


Dec. 28th, 2007



It was the Zara sales again. After workout went to Takashimaya with Derek and not surprisingly - crowded. Wasn't expecting myself to get any stuffs but found a nice shirt :) Madness people everywhere including Isetan coz' were having sales too! Able to convinced myself tat i need a mobile strap (since i lost one earlier) and bought this Emporio Armani (PRODUCT)RED at 50% =D. It's my first item from (PRODUCT)RED.

Product Red states that its main principles are:

  • To expand opportunities for the people of Africa
  • To respect its employees and ask its partners to do the same with their employees and the people who help make their products or deliver their services
  • To promote HIV/AIDS workplace policies and practices
  • To see the power of a community mobilized for hope, health and progress
  • To ask its partners to uphold the same principles
Haha watever the principles are, i bought it coz' it's nice =P


Dec. 27th, 2007


Merry Christmas

Took a day leave last Fri and managed to enjoy the full stretch of off days from Thurs to Tues hehe =P Was shopping for Christmas gift and this was the headache part - I hate to shop for others (yes - selfish me =P) Anyway, in total i spent about $270 for all sort of gifts such as nourishing hand cream and etc etc kind of cream, jewelery box, polycarbonate water bottles, manicure vouchers and blah blah. Most of the gifts were for female colleagues - guys hardly do tat *waste of money & effort* haha.

It was damn crowded and wet in Orchard. Rained for weeks and still raining, but it din stop the people from going out (including myself hehe). Watched National Treasure on Thurs. It was okay - kinda expected wat's next item in line - however interesting script - erm, isn't tat contradicting? =P
Weekend was the same thing, shopped around and dinner with friends. Went club on Sat and was half-drunk (yes - half only lar).

Ok - my horrible red face. Any comments? Haha. Actually a few glasses of beer/wine are enuff to make my whole face red but mind again - i wasn't drunk ah !!!  =P

Monday (Christmas's Eve), went to office for 2 hours practically to exchange gifts. I did not prepare extra gifts though i know might receive from unexpected ones. Guess wat, really lor ... straight went down to Origins and get more hand creams for them *arghhh*.
Went gym after for a short workout at Paragon before going to Derek's place in the late evening. I was still short of one gift for exchange and my journey of hunting this gift was a pain. I walked from Paragon --> Taka (ran out of stock - tot i can utilize my $50 vouchers) --> Tangs (closed) --> Paragon. It took me more than half an hour for a stupid Nike polycarbonate water bottle. I almost fainted coz' the crowd !!!

Evening time went to Derek's place with some friends (Chris, Dennis, Richard, Frankie and his friends) for dinner (asian style - without turkey) and drinks. It was very nice and comfortable (not because of his place hahaha ok partially yes =P) - it was because not in big crowd.
Soon mini countdown began.

A log cake from Yishun haha. Ok, seriously this neighbourhood cake tasted good! Richard was complaining queuing at AMK for it but Yishun, business lukewarm >.< (finally he listened to us and got it here).
Shortly after cake session, we drank and played cards while watching to Beyonce & Faye Wong's concert (yes - couldn't believe we still into it hahaha). It was so fun chatting and playing till we were drunk and SLEEP ~~~

Paiseh, should have posted more pics but it's not with me. I shall do it in my next postage =D

Going KL this 29th to celebrate New Year!!! Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

Dec. 20th, 2007


Christmas Lunch

It was a lovely afternoon (neither hot nor cold - instead it was windy & cloudy), we went for lunch at Au Petit Salut (French Restaurant) at Dempsey area - yah my first time there. It was a lunch with division colleagues, the so called annual Christmas gathering.


This is the noon view.

It is supposed to be as nice as this haha. Aiya pictures are deceiving!

Okie, I've chosen half dozen baked burgundy snails with tomato and garlic butter as the entree :)

Seriously i never had snails before and it tasted just like any other shell kind seafood, smooth and juicy :P

Next, i had the red wine braised beef cheeks, carrots, mushrooms and parsley potatoes. Erm, the beef was ok but problem with french food is the portion is too small loh.

The dessert i had was dark chocolate & hazelnut custard with coffee ice-cream. Can you see the dark chocolate surrounding the ice-cream? It was damn damn damn damn sweeeeeeeeet !!! Feel so sinful after i finished it. Unavoidable good food :P haha

The most anticipated moment reached when the lucky draw came in. OK - wat i gotten was just some silly iPod speakers and $30 Taka vouchers. Can you believe it? Forget about the stupid speakers and i got $30 vouchers? Why why why??? I got $300 last year loh! argh ~~~ I did not win the LCD again nor any Nokia sponsored Nokia phones nor any $500 vouchers. Hhmm...maybe i should try my luck again next year :P

Maybe i should try my luck again - next year :P


Dec. 18th, 2007


Mini Christmas Lunch @ TCC

Went to TCC for lunch with Cheryl and HweeSian. Just a mini Christmas lunch in conjuction with of coz' Christmas and New Year and AWS! muahahaha. December is the month to wind down and start to think back wat had happened in the year and should we still stay with the company despite the busy work + much tekan-ed pay. Haha.

All of us are holding TCC's member card. Din know we are so hardcore haha.

Mozza Cheese Tofu + Hazelnut Latte without foam.

btw, colleague stuffed me with this cute log cake (with an axe on it) from Coffee Bean. At least something different from Coffee Bean this year :)

Ultimate Crime Fighter & Building Blocks of Life

Currently watching this drama and apparently it's the so far 'good' drama tat managed to stick myself to the screen besides Heart of Greed. No preferences over the actors/actress.
However, looking forward this show, Building Blocks of Life. Title already sounds so cheem haha, confirm nice la!


Dec. 17th, 2007


America's Next Top Model Season 9

The cycle 9 just ended with Saleisha as the winner. *boo* i dun like her loh. I prefer Chantal more than her. Ah, anyway the foreign country they visited was China. Initially it stated Kuala Lumpur in wiki and i was surprised when they announced China. Yes, i prefer China than Malaysia but it's not tat bad afterall. There are many well known fashion designers in Msia such as Jimmy Choo, erm..and the list goes on :P
Not all the time women wearing tudung walking around haha and pretending to be in high fashion :P *evil me* muahaha.

Dec. 16th, 2007



It's another wet weekend. Went to steps class in the morning (forced myself to wake up at 830 - yah terrible me). Thought of doing cardio since been sick for the past few days and taken 2 days MC for tummy ache. Basically i just ate bread and porridge throughout the week.. I feel like dying during the class, (power + energy)less. Actually tummy was feeling unwell still but can't be bothered by it. Has been like that for a week loh. yes yes yes i did visit the doctor and had plenty of pills.

Anyway, a friend from Ipoh came down. Metup with him, had lunch and walked ard (no personal shopping :( - due to tight Christmas budget). So we rather spent time sitting down at Coffee Bean, chatting and enjoying the latte. Well StarBucks was the preferred - but full house loh at Paragon. Guys sitting down with their lappies and dunnoe wat they were doing la, super irritating hogging those seats, couples watching video thru PSP, another hoggers! mother baby feeding *pengz* and uncles reading newspaper!!! ah buay tahan lar.
It was cloudy and soon rained after half an hour. Rainy day makes traveling difficult. Planned to meet Derek at City Hall for Christmas shopping before dinner at Bugis. Luckily i was carrying a folded umbrella with me :P

We accidentally met Sam at Robinsons and decided to join him and the rest for dinner at Paya Lebar. Yah, it was such an ulu place but hehe, got drivers woh :P Sam is a vegetarian, so the dinner was all vege alike.

Derek and I were making fun of the Sam and commenting on the food taste haha.
"The Hokkien Mee lack of something - the PRAWN!"
"The Or-Jian lack of something - the OYSTER!"
"The Wanton Mee lack of something - the PORK!"
But honestly the food was so-so only. The tastiest could be the soup and know what Richard said "I think they put lotsa MSG, so thirsty after i drank it!" *pengz*

What's after dinner? Tot of watching Enchanted @ AMK Hub and the next showtime was 1105pm. It was only 9+ when we checked it out. Nevertheless made our trip there and yah, no other shows tat we would want to watch.
Suggested to come to my place and erm, drank beer, wine and eaten chips. Silly enuff, watched Asian Idol till 12am+ on Channel 5!


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